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Dr. Fred L. Hodge is the Founder of Living Praise Christian Center Church in Southern California along with his wife, Linda Hodge. They are the parents of five children, and eight grand-children. This dynamic couple have cultivated and developed a cutting edge church with multiple locations. The North location is in the Antelope Valley and the South location is in the San Fernando Valley. Their passion is to build individuals to have strong foundations for single or family lifestyles.

Being a man of faith Dr. Hodge has inspired multitudes to exceed their own expectations by taking the limits off their lives. He is a transformational leader, who affects change in individuals. His ability to identify the needed change creates a vision to build the change through inspiration, and his practical relevant teaching style ignites the listeners to move from stagnation to “taking action”. His personal approach to ministry and biblical teaching provide step-by-step instruction for the application of God’s Word.

He is an accomplished author, with his latest book, “Overcoming the Voice of Condemnation” being #1 in Men’s Christian Living and Counseling on Amazon Best Sellers List.

Dr. Hodge has spent over 35 years of his life in faithful and loyal service and ministry to the local church, both edifying and equipping ministers and laity alike.

Linda G. Hodge is a wife, mother, grandmother, author and eloquent motivational speaker. Linda also co-pastors with her husband, Dr. Fred L. Hodge Jr. at Living Praise Christian Center in Chatsworth and Palmdale California. She has been married to Dr. Hodge for 35 plus years and have 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Linda is a successful entrepreneur author and conference speaker. She has created and produced conferences seminars and extreme makeovers designed to equip support and empower women to live in their divine destiny. She has presently authored 5 books: Woman Under Construction, Woman under construction Tool Book, Winning In Life: How to Bounce Back from Adversity, 52 Questions and Answers for Singles and a new release, “Bruised but Not Broken.”

Linda and her husband founded Transformation Mentoring which consist of workshops that digs deep into the soul to root out false beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors so that a person is repositioned to move forward in their dreams and desires. She is a certified life coach assisting women in breaking free from procrastination by identifying road-blocks and negative thought patterns. She helps them to see possibilities to their life by setting goals, and organizing their priorities. She helps to develop their strengths so that they can live the productive life they deserve. Linda and her husband can be heard on their weekly podcast called “ Winning In Life”.

Linda has a personal testimony that God has a restoration plan for all those who have been broken, hurt, displaced or abused. You can follow Linda on and on the site

She is a firm believer that what is within you is greater than anything that is in your surroundings.



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